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NickelDime’s mission is to change the relationship between you and your booze. So many people are discovering the pleasures of the craft cocktail revolution happening around the world, but don’t know how to harness that creative energy for themselves.

We bridge that gap by providing you with the secret ingredients and recipes we use to create original, delicious and fascinating drinks.

NickelDime LLC is owned by business partners Jared Hirsch and Jennifer Absinthia Vermut. Absinthia and Jared met and became friends at Burning Man and found their common interest in providing artisanal cocktails to their friends. They are proud to offer four delicious syrups:

Crimson Smoke™, Cherry Bomb™, and Fairy Dust™.

You can reach via email and (510) 435.7051.


NickelDime’s Jared Hirsch, is the bar manager and resident mixologist at Sidebar in Oakland, California. A resident of Oakland for 20 years, he lives with his wife, Justine, and twin daughters, Penelope and Violet.


NickelDime's COO, is the founder and owner of Absinthia's Bottled Spirits, producer of organic absinthe. She lives in Oakland with her daughters Haley and Alexa, and Cohiba, their Havanese pup.