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The East Bay Monthly  Fancy Food Show Trends: Wild NickelDime Syrups flavors. Published March 2018

Oakland’s NickelDime Dreams Up Three New Cocktail Syrups; The new syrups will contain such intriguing ingredients as cherry, wormwood, coffee, and tea. By Anneli Star Josselin Rufus Oakland Magazine Published: 

Oakland, Alameda, and Berkeley Artisans Shine at Fancy Food Show By Anneli Rufus Oakland Magazine Published: 

 BEST OF THE EAST BAY 2017 Best Cocktail by The East Bay Express

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE FOOD Caged Heat: A spicy cocktail syrup made for bartenders

Oakland Magazine declares: “Founded by a pair who met at Burning ManKickstarter-funded, Oakland based Caged Heat™ Cocktail Syrup makes cold cocktails…kickin’ hot”

7×7 Magazine says: “Caged Heat™ Cocktail Syrup—made with tamarind, cardamom, and ghost pepper—is downright addictive with bourbon.”

San Francisco Chronicle Food Section Online and in Print May 21, 2017

7×7 Magazine January 30, 2017 “Caged Heat Cocktail Syrupmade with tamarind, cardamom, and ghost pepper—is downright addictive with bourbon.”

Fry Havoc January 2, 2017 “Needless to say: I love it. Some Caged Heat with whiskey, water, and honey, reduced over the stove, will make the best hot toddy you’ve ever had.”

Sidebar-Oaktown, the birthplace of Caged Heat™ cocktail syrup, named in the top 15 places for cocktails in Oakland 

Jared wins the Four Roses Bourbon Cocktail Charity Challenge

Jared was interviewed for Make Zine

Absinthia was quoted in this Guardian article

Jared was named one of the best bartenders to know in the East Bay!

Laughing Squid Spirit Aficionados Launch Kickstarter Project to Bring Their ‘Caged Heat Cocktail Syrup’ to Market by Lori Dorn at 5:58 pm on March 5, 2015

Off Your Plate Blog by Jen March 26, 2015

A Bar Above by Chelsa Lauderdale March 17, 2005


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